Sometimes in life we wish we had more ways to give!

 Lots of people are able to donate money to great causes that help to change the world!

 Some people are fantastic organizers and instigate efforts for great change or causes that help some mass endeavor!

  But, for those of us that don't have much money or great influence...we often ponder..."what can I do to help the world be a better place?"

It comes naturally for most of us to be kind to others..and I have long decided that, THAT happens to be something that IS very important and something each of us can do to make a difference!

I have been extremely blessed with kind listeners, friends etc..and I try never to take that kindness for granted! I was finishing up lifting, dragging, and loading one bale at a time of hay into my horse trailer, I stopped at Crazy Mary's in Burbank to get something to drink.

The nicest young man who was working there asked me with a big smile on his face how my day was going. 

As I responded I was picking the hay slivers out of my top and rubbing the blood spatters from scratches off myarms from hay pokes. 

 I mentioned it was a good day but  I was tired from hauling hay.  He asked if he could help me.. with loading the rest of my hay.

I explained that I was done and the job was complete.

But, he said..."Hey..anytime you need help, I would be more than happy to lend you a hand!"

He was just the nicest young man and so happy and willing to offer help, that it warmed my heart!

I would never ask for help, but the plain fact that he was so kind as to greet me so genuinely and nicely and was so helpful and willing just made my day!  

I am always sooo greatful when I am around genuinely NICE people. People that seem to care!  So..this is just a reminder...NEVER underestimate the power of kindness!  It can make someones day so much brighter! And sometimes, that might be the ONLY thing good in their day! :)

 I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Day today!