What's the worst turkey day disaster you've been a part of? If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, be prepared little campers. There are some little things you can do prior to the holiday that can save your bacon, or gizzards.

Clean, clean, clean the fridge, microwave any appliances you may be using for the big dinner, and make sure they are in working order. Since you are going to have leftovers, not only clean the fridge, but clean the fridge out. Any tupperware that has green fuzzy stuff growing in it can go. Besides you will probably need that tupperwre for mashed taters. Coolers for pop, water and road sodas can sit outside to make more roon in the fridge as well. You oven is going to be working overtime, so skip the self-clean cycle and scrub that sucker the old fashioned way, with you hands and some elbow grease. Nothing like a house full of smoke because of the old french fries and lasagna stuck to the bottom of the oven. One thing we may not think about as the host house is the plumbing. If folks are staying over, that means showers and allot of flushing. That little back-up in the shower could lead to a huge problem when you have 10 people showering in one morning. Have a plumber come over before the big day and check it out if you can't get it to flow on your own. Have plenty of board games for the kids, and cards and dice for the grown-ups. Shut the TV off this year,  and see and talk to who you haven't seen in a while. Remember, send the food you don't like home with anybody who will take it. Keep the pies and turkey. What was your worst Thanksgiving dis