Last week, we asked you what you knew about this picture. KORD listeners came to the rescue to fill us in on what they knew of this vintage shot of the Tri-Cities. Thanks for your help!

  • It looks to me like it is facing east. You see the drive-in is at the bottom right, but it is not at the bottom right; it is close to the top in the middle right one what is now 395. You can see what is now 395 bend from the drive in to the left and then towards the top of the photo like 395 does now as it goes to the Blue Bridge. If you look at the very top of the map you can see what was then Twin City golf club which was est. in 1938 and is not the Tri-City Country Club, you can see Vista Way also.
  • Pay n Pak used to be across the street from the field where St. Vincent is now and a grocery store was on the corner where Walker's Furniture stands.
  • The building in bottom right corner is a bowling ally, building above bowling ally is the old Pay n Pak, the street in front of the bowling ally is Morain. Hood Street is the street from the the left side of the soft ball field.
  • I can't tell you the year, but I believe that it would be facing from Columbia Center Blvd towards downtown Kennewick because the drive-in is where Gold's Gym is. The drive-in is where 395 and Clearwater converge in the upper right.