Thanks to Chris Isaacson at the Tri-City Country Club, Golf Universe and Townsquare Media, I get to enjoy a fun evening of golf every Thursday.

It's mostly about making friends and having some fun, but some of the teams are taking it much too seriously.

Some of the teams are actually getting birdies and pars and feel the need to post those scores.

As I am more of a bogey, double bogey kind of guy, you can guess the birdie and par guys are starting to get on my nerves.

In the two different divisions (Golf Universe and Town Square Media) there are some surprise teams atop the leader boards.

Even golf pro (and I use that term loosely) Chris Isaacson says it's a little odd to see some of these teams leading the way in wins. Chris went on to say, "Most of these guys couldn't drive the green in a golf cart, much less a metalwood."

Isaacson suggested some hidden cameras around the 18 hole course to get these teams scores back to where they should be.

Chris's daughter Heather plays in the business league, and helps keep track of the weekly scores and standings, and even she says there's some 'Magic Golf' happening out there. She went on to say, "Most of the leading teams' handicaps are taking up golf in the first place."

Point made, point taken.

When you play our KORD team, you won't have to bend the rules to earn your team points because we are out there to have fun, not raise the Master's trophy.

I think Chris put it best: "Next year we're kicking a bunch of these cheaters out of the business league." Well played Mr.Isaacson.

Here are last week's scores; you be the judge.