Must See Social Experiment
Here, a young,  normal-looking guy finds out what happens when you stroll up behind someone you don't know and attempt to hold their hand. Strangers don't let Strangers hold hands. SUPER FUNNY - MUST SEE!
Jason Aldean Releases “Fly Over States” [VIDEO]
The new video for Jason Aldean's song "Fly Over States" made it's world premiere today!  Jason has had an incredible year.  His My Kinda Party tour has been hugely successful and Jason himself raked in over 9 million dollars last year!   See the new vi…
Russian Spy Turned Singer [VIDEO]
A video my boys discovered -
This completely explains itself. In 1976, the Soviet Union had perfected a humanoid robot who's primary function was to entertain and overwhelm. You can see why this controversial video has until now, been kept vaulted away...

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