‘Yak Crack’ Collapse Imminent According To Experts
Yakima's Rattlesnake Ridge crack continues to grow daily and estimates have the Ridge breaking apart within a few weeks.
The Rattlesnake Ridge crack has caught national coverage with drone video showing the massive crack in the hillside right as you drive into Union Gap...
Did This Drone Footage Capture Bigfoot? [VIDEO]
According to user Hardpack101, this mysterious footage shows an unknown creature running towards the trees, then vanishing into the wooded area. Spotted around the 25 second mark. Filmed in Idaho. Do you think its bigfoot?
Source: Did this drone cam just capture a Bigfoot sighting...
Dad Tackles Drunk Son During Football Game [VIDEO]
This happened during a Sacramento area high school football game. A kid, apparently drunk or high or both, wanders onto the field and is looking for a fight. According to reports, it's his dad that has had enough and tackles him to end the debacle...
Workout Video Fail, See If You Can Find It!
There are thousands of instructional workout videos on YouTube. But there's only one we know of where you see someone drop weight THIS fast.
A new video from a fitness website called MOSTLY shows a ridiculously in shape
It shows a woman doing some kind of crazy workout...

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