Tri-City Dust Devils

Who Knew Wine in a Can at a Baseball Game?
Tri-Cities Wine Diva's attended a Tri-City Dust Devils game recently and were honored to throw the 1st pitch at the August 5th 2016 game vs  Boise which by the way the Dust Devils won in the 10th 3-2
7 Best Tri-Cities Celebrity Look-Alikes [PHOTOS]
My coworker was talking about how a new KNDU reporter looks like "Frozen" singer Idina Menzel, and I said, "What about Terry Chick and Chick Hicks?" And I've always thought Hope Solo looked like Nala in "Lion King." So here for you is our of…
In Honor of Father’s Day We’re Playing Catch at the KORD Studios
Last night was the opening game of the 2013 Tri-Cities Dust Devils season. On Friday we had someone from the team in the studios talking baseball with us. Greg mentioned we should bring in a couple gloves to throw a ball around during breaks on the show. I confessed that long ago I sold my glove at …