The 2015 Superbowl Ad’s Everyone is Talking About
Let's face it some people watch the big game just for the commercials. The Superbowl is when all the big advertising agencies pull out all the punches to leave their mark on the most watched TV event in the world. In fact NBC has sold all of its Super Bowl ad inventory. 30-second commercials co…
Christina Aguilera Flubbed a Line in “The Star Spangled Banner”
I have to say...My heart goes out to her! She is a fabulous vocalist and actress! And she certainly has proven herself a million times over. A split second mess up and the wrong thing came out of her mouth. She had no choice but to keep going.  Poor thing! I'm sure she feels awful!  I am,  however s…
Snack Attack
During Super Bowl Sunday, the Calorie Control Council says Americans will eat over 30 million pounds of snacks. Here's the breakdown: