summer fun

Silverwood Theme Park Now Open on Weekends!
Silverwood Theme Park is now open on the weekends and will be open every day starting May 27th!
We are giving away four tickets and a $50 gas card to get you there EVERY MONTH through September!
Send us a "Roller Coaster Photo" to
River Fun Over the Weekend!
Not all of us had the pleasure of seeing the boat races over the weekend!  But, I have to say the Columbia River was the best way to enjoy warm temperatures and lots of sunshine!
Horses too, enjoy the cool refreshing water!
6 Amazing Water Slides From Around the World [VIDEOS]

A person can only lounge by the pool for so long before he or she starts to crave some slightly more adventurous summer fun. Enter water slides.

All around the world, theme parks (and in some cases, malls) have built some truly inspired – not to mention high-flying – water slides that a…

Best Quote Of The Year!
I saw this on Facebook this morning! I couldn't agree more!
Krista Griffin Archibald said..
"I think that since we have "snow days" in the winter, we should get to have "it's way too nice out to go to work" days during the summer, with pay&am…