2016 Fall TV Preview: 30 Premieres You Can’t Miss
These days, it'd take at least two years to watch only only one season's worth of #PeakTV, a quarter of which won't even be around a second year. You’d need some sort of absurd television guidance periodical to navigate it all, but because we love you' we've put toget…
Watch a Young Jimmy Fallon Audition for SNL Producers [VIDEO]
Have you ever auditioned for anything? It's like a performance interview. Even when they enjoy it, they stay silent and analyze. Tough room. And to get them to laugh even a little is a total victory. Jimmy does that several times.
I've always liked Jimmy...
Ellen On SNL
Daytime TV's Ellen Degeneres likes the spoof "Saturday Night Live" did of her last weekend. In case you missed it, new cast member Kate McKinnon mastered DeGeneres' voice and dance moves.
Jim Carey Parodies Black Swan on SNL [VIDEO]
The first Saturday Night Live episode of the new year aired over the weekend, with host Jim Carrey kicking up the comedy in an otherwise uneven season. Carrey, a sketch comedy vet from his In Living Color days, brought the funny to a parody of acclaimed Natalie Portman film Black Swan with ludi…