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‘Sorry’ Thief Rips Off Richland Fred Meyer
Another reason why these people should re-think life choices! Hey thieves! BIG BROTHER is everywhere. Help get this guy busted.
From Richland Police Department Facebook page
"On September 9, 2017 an alleged shoplifter attempted to take over $600 in merchandise from the Richland Fred Meyer bef…
Wanna be a part of Citizens Academy in Richland?
The Citizens Academy will give you a better understanding of police operations in our community. It allows police officers, as well as other members of the criminal justice system, an opportunity to hear your perception of how our department is serving your needs...
Watch Richland Police Catch This Village Idiot
A vehicle pursuit started in Pasco, went through Kennewick, and ended on George Washington Way in Richland. The Subaru was reported stolen out of Colville, WA. Richland Police assisted and spiked the tires to the stolen vehicle as it entered Richland...
Video Captures Shooting at Towne Crier [NSFW]
A fight broke out between two groups leaving the Towne Crier Saturday Night/Sunday Morning at closing time. Luckily no was hurt in the incident a Kennewick man captured the entire incident on his cell phone.
“National Night Out” With City Of Richland
The City of Richland and local Target stores host "National Night Out Against Crime & Drugs" today August 2, from 5-9pm.
The event will be held at Columbia Marina Park (660 Columbia Point Drive east of George Washington Way.