Taylor Swift Tops Billboard Money Maker List
Billboard released their official ‘Music’s Top Money Makers 2012‘ list yesterday (March 9) and sitting atop the celebrity-packed lineup was none other than country pop princess Taylor Swift. With a mind-boggling $35 million takeaway from 2011, Swift is sitting pretty just above some huge names — U2 …
The KORD Cash Cow is Loaded! Win Cash!
The KORD Cash Cow is back…and it’s full of lots of moooooolah!  That’s right - Win Cash!  Weekdays in November 102.7 KORD gives you a shot at $1,000 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday...and on Thursdays…the KORD Cash Cow is loaded with…
What If You Won The Lottery?
Think about this for second. You go to the grocery store and ask the clerk for a lottery it a power ball ticket. Then you checked your ticket and......YOU WON!
Feel Rich With A Million Bucks?
Sometimes I feel rich when I have a little extra cash at the end of the month.. Check out this article from    42% of American Millionaires say they don't feel rich, they would  need at least $7.5 Million!