Men with Above-Average Looks Earn More than Below-Average Guys!
Just read about this in ABC Online!
Good-looking men not only have a better shot with women than guys with below-average looks, they also apparently command higher salaries.
Research in Australia conducted by Melbourne University economist Jeff Borland and former Australian National University economi…
Do Women Like Brawns? Or Brains? [VIDEO]
It's an age old question. Do women like men who can build fences all day long and then come home and still get things done or do women like men who can come up with an answer to any problem?
Well in this case women can have both! Here is a guy who can do one armed push ups and solve a Rubics cub…
Is Male Menopause Fact or Fiction? — Health Check
While menopause is a fact of life for women, ads for testosterone replacement therapy drugs make it seem as though men suffer a similar fate in their old age. However — jokes aside — professionals, for the most part, believe there really is no inevitable male equivalent.

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