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KORD Waking Crew Funny Fart Machine Prank [VIDEO]
Greg and Woody wanted more fun around the office. I obliged by secretly placing a Fart Machine in the studio and waited until they were "live" to start the mayhem.  At first Woody is distracted by the strange sounds and ignores it.  Then Greg realizes they've be…
Jr. Achievement Bowling Classic 2012
Chuck and Greg will be volunteering for Jr. Achievement Bowling Classic 2012  February 27 - March 3, 2012
It's the one time a year we can break loose and have fun with people on the bowling lanes!
Morning Brew Goes Bye Bye! [VIDEO]
Hey everybody!
Bear and I Just want to let everyone know that we totally appreciate you all spending your mornings with us for the past year.
We've enjoyed you all so much!
We have been notified that some changes will be made to the Morning Show. And we have to say good bye!
Curious About The Zumba Craze?
With our late spring weather...My New Years Resolution to lose 10 lbs has not seen the success I had hoped. 
I had planned to start jogging along with my mediocre gym workout routine...but, have lacked motivation to really get going...