6 Reasons Freezing Weather is Awesome!
With all the freezing weather we have had, I felt we may need a small reminder of how lucky we are to be surrounded by ice! Here are six reasons why freezing weather is sooooo awesome in the Tri-Cities.
Only You Can Stop Fast Lane Abuse
One of the most infuriating experiences when driving is other drivers' abuse of the fast lane.
Let's take the time to spread awareness of fast lane abuse - a problem that affects countless people.
Bear Went In And He Came Right Back Out!
Ok so I have reached that age where I need to start keepng an eye on things. I had a very close friend of mine that hated doctors and never had a colonoscopy done. He died from colon cancer at the age f 54. I am 51 and I am planning on living a long healthy life...
Got A Great April Fools Joke?
Yep! It is the 1st day of April or otherwise known as all fools day. Ever been on the receiving end of an April Fools joke or have you ever administered a great April Fools joke? How did this whole thing get started!