Halloween Costumes

10 Best Couple Costumes (Part 1) [PHOTOS]
The countdown to Halloween has started! If you need help coming up with a costume this year, why not conspire with your significant other to pull off a couples costume? Here are a few ideas to get you started: 
Most Successful Halloween Costumes of All Time
The website "SpiritHalloween.com" recently released a list of the most popular costumes by year for the past 20 years. This will really bring back some old memories and it's fun trying to guess why THAT costume was popular THAT year.
Man Gets Creative For Halloween [VIDEO]
If you still don't have a Halloween costume, Here's one: A guy in New york dressed in a camouflage, wrapped himself in ivy, and went to central Park to pop out and scare people as they walked by. The best part is, almost everyone LOVED IT
10 Dogs Dressed as ‘Star Wars’ Characters
We really, really love 'Star Wars.' And by "love" we mean we're borderline obsessed. The only thing that could make it better is if small dogs somehow got involved. Which is to say, it just got better. These dogs display almost as much love as we feel for the fantasy…
15 Cats That Hate Halloween
Few things are better than dressing up our pets. How can you resist a Michael Jackson puppy or an Avengers pug? Costumed pets are probably the best part of Halloween. But just because we love it doesn't mean they do. Especially cats. Who knew these little guys were such Halloween-haters? C…

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