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KORD Waking Crew Funny Fart Machine Prank [VIDEO]
Greg and Woody wanted more fun around the office. I obliged by secretly placing a Fart Machine in the studio and waited until they were "live" to start the mayhem.  At first Woody is distracted by the strange sounds and ignores it.  Then Greg realizes they've be…
Greg’s World Famous Football Pick-up Lines
“With great pick-up line power, comes great pick-up line responsibility” — use them with caution! Also, you might get slapped if you use these...jus sayin
Its been A while since Ive revealed my latest and greatest Pick-up lines ... well, here they are...
Are You Enjoying the New (Sorta) KORD Waking Crew?
It's the first morning of Greg & Woody Waking Crew and we're having a blast! We're giving away money, Words of the Day, taking birthdays and receiving warm welcomes on the phones.
Here's what Steve Woods' fortune cookie said about this week:
Watch the video for t…