Play 102.7 KORD’s Online Easter Egg Hunt to Win $1,000!
Columbia Center Mall is teaming up with 102.7 KORD to bring you an Easter Egg Hunt that YOU'LL enjoy! Find our eggs Monday through Friday (March 25-29) and you have a chance to win $100 every day. On Monday, April 1, we'll randomly select a name from everyone who played to win $500!
Easter Egg Hunt Event
The Pasco Jaycees and KORD will once again host the kids Easter Egg Hunt today at the Pasco Softball Complex on Homerun Road.
Learn the Symbolism Behind Easter Flowers
Making flower arrangements is a fun tradition for any family around Easter. It doesn't have to be a costly tradition either. Flowers can be purchased for under $10 a bunch at Costco, and $3 a bunch at Albertson's. Vases can be purchased for a dollar at The Dollar Store...
Chocolate & Beer Adult Easter Eggs! [VIDEO]
Finally! Mom and dad can stay the heck out of the kids easter basket raiding it of the little chocolate eggs that your kids so cherish. The Skol Beer company of Brazil is now infusing the creamy center of a cadbury-esque chocolate egg!
So if you love chocolate and you love beer...
We Want To See Your Best Easter Egg!
It's time to start painting, dying, sewing, carving and gluing your Easter Eggs! We want to share your creativity with our listeners. Whatever your medium, whatever your age, send us a picture of your best egg and we'll post it on our website and ask for listeners to vote on their favorite…
Celebrity Easter Eggs!
Hop! You had a great Easter holiday. In honor of yesterdays visit from the Easter Bunny here are some cool pictures of celebrity Easter eggs.

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