Dog Park = Fun For the Dogs! And Peace For Me!
Not unlike taking my kids to the park when they were toddlers, the dog park on Keene Rd, behind the Badger Mountain Sports Complex, gives my dogs a chance to commune with their friends, make new ones and play! They romp and wrestle and get out lots of energy...
Best Ways to Keep Pets Cool For Summer!
Last year, I put a plastic baby pool out in the yard for my dog Crystal. She's not super fond of water, so I doubt she ever used it. She thought it was a better idea to stay  inside the house with the air conditioner turned up, so she could watch TV, lay on the couch and eat Bon Bons...
A Feel Good Event Was a Dog-Gone Good Event
Imagine more then 10 animal adoption agencies in one place for 5 hours with over 150 volunteers and 700 people show-up, some shopping for new furry-four legged family members. That's the reality of the 4th annual Jenny's Hope - Super Pet Adoption this past Saturday, April 27th, at the band…
Watch The Cutest Dog Ever!
My son Brenden and his girlfriend Aisha live in Texas now. They have the cutest little dog ever! Check out this Video! I don't know what is funnier, the pup or them singing all the songs! Hilarious!
Gus the Three-Legged Dog Spreads Joy in Richland
I ran into this dog at a Richland park and had to share his photo. His name is Gus and he doesn't let a disability stop him. Gus was running and jumping all over -- mostly playing with children. His owner said he LOVES children and the kids loved him back...
Watch this Adorable Dog Play the Piano and Sing!
Hey our pets have hopes and aspirations too! Only wish we had a vid cam at home to see what my pets are doing on a daily basis. This Household got called by police, because neighbors were complaining about the noise. Too funny! ~Faith
Watch My ‘Lazy Way’ to Take Dogs for a Walk!
My dogs are so energetic! I have to jog them everyday!
Some days, I am in too big of a hurry and I just don't have time to change ino jogging clothes and take them for as long as they need.
So, I take the easy way out. I go get a nice hot espresso, jump in my car with them in the back and drive t…

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