Prosser Theft Suspect Car Chase Ends With Drugs, Car In Flames
It went from being a quiet night in Prosser to a car exploding and mass drugs, and evidence hidden 'inside' a female suspect.
Around 7pm Monday night, officers were called to the ShopKo on Wine County Road about an alleged theft. The suspect car was located, but refused to pull over...
Pot Thief Crashes Mini-Van Into Home, Flees on Foot
Fortunately, no one was injured. But Pasco police are searching for the driver of this mini van, because they had a close encounter with this home, and had obviously stolen pot sitting in their back seat.
Early Thursday morning, officers were called to this home near 20th and Yakima...
Pilot Unhurt After Crashing Small Parachute Plane in Yakima River
According to sources, a pilot is unharmed, although pretty cold, after his paraglider aircraft crashed into the Yakima River near Prosser Wednesday morning. The aircraft he was flying likely looked like this one.
Officials were called to the area of the river near Prosser, after the plane got stuck, …

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