What’s Your PERFECT Breakfast? [POLL]
If you had a million dollars and/or a magic genie or a "last meal" and it was breakfast, what would your perfect breakfast include? Now you only get your normal stomach! Think of this as a buffet, but you have to be realistic! So don't say steak and eggs AND chicken and waffle…
I Ate Something for Breakfast Greg Has Never Seen Before!
Who remembers the ORIGINAL Post shredded wheat? Before you can have mini-shredded wheat you must have normal-sized, right? For some, this stuff takes them back to their childhood. Greg says he's never seen the stuff ever! What about you?
Coffee Nook Is Kennewick’s Best-Kept Secret for Breakfast
Usually the places that look like they’re scary and look like the food is not going to be good, are usually the best. You can really be surprised by places like that. I've eaten at Coffee Nook at 714 Columbia Drive (near intersection with Hartford) about 20 times and every time …