Benton County

Lockdown at Ki Be High School Due to Reported Weapon
Shortly after noon Thursday, Benton County Sheriff's report a lockdown was in place at Kiona-Benton High School in Benton City.
Authorities say a reported threat of a weapon possibly being on campus was the reason. As of this report, no actual weapon has been found, but officials say the number of st…
Mother Nature Hammers Benton County Roads, Many Closed
One of the harshest winters in years has destroyed or damaged many Benton County roads, some are closed short-term, several probably won't be fixed for months. For those who don't travel into the outlying areas, these pictures are the first visuals of just how hard nature has been.
Election Results
One of the local issues for the Tri-Cities included Franklin County's Criminal Justice Tax. The tax would impose $0.03 for every $10 people spend, in order to renovate the current county jail and the city police station. The county jail is currently built to hold roughly 100 people, but so…