april fools day

13 April Fools Prank Ideas to Get Your Wheels Turning
It's time to start planning for April Fools if you want to make it truly memorable. We have a lot of fun at the radio station. Whether it's mandatory no-toilet flushing, lies about sagebrush, or false information about the Badger Mountain parking lot, we love to get people going. What will…
10 Hilarious YouTube Pranks for April Fool’s Day
Traditionally, the first day of April is a perfect time to get your kicks by playing jokes and setting up pranks for your friends, family and coworkers. Some people like to prepare for this day by pulling pranks all year long for practice. Thank goodness we now have YouTube so jokesters can record t…
April Fools Ticket Truancy and SNL Church: Gump File
Gump File: Tuesday, April 5th
April Fool's prank gone wrong and a pastor that runs the Saturday Night Live Church who says 'Welcome to my church, even you scumbags'. Listen for the Gump File each weekday during your 5 o'clock hour with Chuck Hall...
Got A Great April Fools Joke?
Yep! It is the 1st day of April or otherwise known as all fools day. Ever been on the receiving end of an April Fools joke or have you ever administered a great April Fools joke? How did this whole thing get started!