I saw this on Facebook this morning, and it felt oddly familiar... like I've done this before and I am the dog!

Then I remembered. Oh yea, it is familiar! I do this all the time with my horse. Ha ha! It's funny the things we do with our pets.

My horse has been my best friend too!


This reminded me so much of me on my horse. He's such a good sport! I take him to the river in the summer and jump, dive, and slide off of him. I drag on his tail through the water and climb all over him.

I've put numerous kids and adults on him and let them enjoy him as well and he just goes with it and humors us all!
I've had Galeron since he was 4 mos old and he's my best friend. I am so thankful God put so many furry creatures on this earth to help us make it through life. I don't think I would have survived life otherwise!