This morning Woody read a list of the 8 people at EVERY Halloween party (the woman dressed too sexy, the man who's costume won't let him even move and the dude who stays in character all night, etc.). That reminded us, EVERYONE has a funny Halloween party story! We want to hear them!

Back when KORD used to sponsor the Haunted Halloween cruise I saw a lot of crazy stuff. People partied HARD! Nothing generates good stories like adults in costumes without inhibition.

I remember several times I wore a mask or too much makeup to a party and I didn't look like myself. No one at the party would talk to me because it weirded them out.

Other times you want to hit on a woman, but you don't know how good she looks outside the pirate pixie costume -- or even if she's in your same age bracket!

At a college party I saw some FUN costumes. One girl wore a lampshade and a skirt with an alarm clock, a book, etc. -- she was a ONE NIGHT STAND! Other kids would wrap themselves in Saran plastic wrap (enough times to be opaque)!

OK, now it's YOUR turn. Tell us your funny Halloween party stories: