First lady Michelle Obama and the wife of Vice President Joe Biden, were attending the final Nascar race at Homestead Florida Sunday, when the redneck Nascar faithful Booed them. The two ladies were there to thank Nascar for their joining forces initiative, which supports military families.

In my opinion, there is a time and place to show your disapproval for someone or something. During, "gentleman start your engines" is not the time or place. Number 1, the two ladies were there to thank Nascar for their help, not to promote themselves. Plus you don't boo the wife or husband of the person you don't like. You should boo the President, not his wife. You should boo our governor, not her husband. Nascar fans are very loyal to their cause, so I'm pretty sure Ghandi could be the grand marshal at a Nascar race and still get booed. It's nice to see that our freedom of speech is in tact. That's probably why the President didn't show up. I think we should all go stand in front of gas stations and boo, or maybe a crappy restaurant. We should all find a common enemy, get together at that the place and have boo-in. Oh yea, we'll just stand around and boo until we get horse, or hungry. Help me out, where should we have our first boo-in, or boo-out, doesn't matter to me. Have a great day