Deborah Harden is a Pasco resident, mother of two, grandmother of three, a buyer for Griggs department store and now a Washington’s Lottery Lotto jackpot winner! Deborah won the third largest Washington’s Lottery Lotto jackpot– $9.6 million – when she bought the winning ticket at the Pasco Chevron on 3720 West Court Street.

Deborah said she was in complete shock when she found out. “I had to call my husband to have him look at the numbers because I thought I was just seeing things,” she recalled. “He was in as much shock as I was, and all we could say for a while was ‘wow’!”

This wasn’t Deborah’s first win though. “I usually play when the jackpot goes above $5 million,” she said. “I matched five out of six numbers with a Lotto ticket before and won $1,000, so I couldn’t believe my luck this time!”

Deborah and her husband James, a mental health therapist, plan to continue working and already have big plans for the money. “We are going to help our kids with their mortgages, set up college funds for our grandkids; most of it will go to our retirement, but we are planning to take the whole family to Disneyland!” exclaimed Deborah.

When asked where she kept her ticket until she could claim her winnings, Deborah said, “It was hidden really well; I’m not going to say where in case I win again someday!”

The Pasco Chevron where Deborah bought the winning ticket received a $96,000 retail selling bonus last week. The store owner said he would use the money to reinvest in the business.