We had our Christmas party last night at Tri-City Country Club! Brushes and Bottles came and we all painted! It was sooo much FUN! I absolutely LOVE to paint! I'm completely horrible at it. But, it doesn't matter you can be horrible and it's still okay! I love that!

I could paint all day...I find something in it that is very therapeutic! I had wanted to do one of the Brushes and Bottles events for so long!  But seemed to get off work too late all the time to catch one at an area winery. So, I was so glad when Stacy Lee set it up for them to be at our Christmas Party!

We started with painting an orb. I was quite proud of my Orb! Very symmetrical I thought.















Then we moved on...but still not so bad I thought...















Well, it went down hill from there. Didn't really turn out how I'd hoped but none the less, it was SO much fun! I absolutely loved it. And ugly or not...I hung it on my wall this morning before I left for work!