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My Mind Was Blown By This Tri-Cities Delivery Service!
So, yesterday I was craving tamales. Like, HANGRY craving tamales! So I got on the air and asked people who has the best tamales in town. A few people mentioned their aunties, grandmothers, or themselves (which I do not deny probably make amazing tamales), but a few people mentioned Hot Tamales deli…
Pasco Business Owner Wins Hit 5 Jackpot!
A Pasco man is cashing in a Hit 5 ticket worth $180,000!
But, talk about sweating it out. He went back to the Tesoro on Fourth Street to see if it was a winner. When he found out that it was, he raced home to tell his wife and LEFT THE WINNING TICKET ON THE COUNTER AT THE GAS STATION!
It’s Official! Uber is in Pasco
On December 4th the Pasco city council took a vote. The majority voted in favor of allowing Uber in Pasco (5-2) clearly the positives outweigh the negatives.
The hang up was safety requirements and background checks. Feel free to UBER away pasco...
The Best Friend Your Christmas Lights Will Ever Have!
I bought one of these several years ago and wasn't even sure what I was buying it. I needed a multi-plug adapter and this one had a remote.
That means I can stand at my window on a snowy day and turn on or off my Christmas lights outside, or my Christmas tree inside or anything else it's pl…
Auditions for ‘Akeelah and the Bee’ Seeking Diverse Cast
Tri-Cities' own Academy of Children's Theater (ACT) has put on one incredible production after another. They are currently casting for "Akeelah and the Bee" about a young African-American girl who has an amazing talent for spelling, and works her way
to the National Spelli…

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