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Freak Yourself Out with This Friday the 13th Binge Fest!
In case you haven't seen a million Friday the 13th posts on your Facebook timeline, let me remind you: it's Friday the 13th! And while watching Jason slash drunk teenagers is always fun, those films are not on Netflix right now. Awww! However, there are plenty of other horror films and sho…
Need a Little Something Different This Weekend??
Sometimes, you just need to break the cycle. If you need something new and fun to do this weekend, I got you covered. Check out this dandy little list of things popping up around the TC this weekend. Enjoy!
Springfest 2018- Springfest 2018 is a fundraising event where gamers come and play Pathfinder…
(TROT) Therapeutic Riding of Tri-Cities Fundraiser!
Myself and Janis will be Helping host this event! I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday evening. Please join us
MISSION: TROT provides an environment that promotes the physical, psychological and social well-being of persons with disabilities through their interaction with a therapeu…

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