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Break Your Bordom This Weekend With Unusual Events!
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Another weekend. Whatever. Meh.
Is that how you're feeling about now? Well, you're not alone. Most weekends, like week days, can be pretty ho hum and pretty much the same as every other weekend. So, I decided to find some things going on this weekend that are a bit out of …
Bill to Raise WA Tobacco Age to 21 Fails in Legislature
For years, legislators have been pressured by different groups to find a way to raise the smoking (tobacco) age in Washington state to 21.
This year, with a slight shift in the Senate, with Democrats holding a one-vote margin, it was thought it might finally pass...
Attention Artists of The Tri-Cities! Fun! Fun! Fun!
Badder Ink gallery and the Tri-City Art Collective are excited to present Badder Ink’s First-Year Anniversary Art Show taking place March 23/24/25th!!
“Free Your Mind,” is a 3-day Art Event, showcasing the creative diversity of the greater Tri-Cities and Pa…

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