Thin walls and loud neighbors can lead to a phone call from the folks next door, or a visit from the police. Some poor guy sitting on his throne, reading the morning paper was just taking care of a little business, you know we all have a routine. They call it being regular. Well this guy was apparently having a little trouble this particular morning, and was doing a little moaning and groaning to help the process along, come on who hasn't done that. The noise was a little more than the next door neighbors could take, so they called the cops, really?  Police arrived to check on all the noise, talked to the suspect who told them what he was doing, so cops just asked him to keep it down next time. Are we getting so sensitive a guy can't even drop a baby ruth at the rose bowl with out the neighbors getting their panties in a bunch. Now I have heard about couples in the heat of passion making a lot of noise that can be heard for miles away, but getting the cops called on you for releasing a boneless brown trout is ridiculous. Playing loud music, or having a loud party is one thing, but getting called out for dropping the kids off at the pool is wrong. I say if you're cutting rope, or wrestling a leprechaun, you should be able to yell at the top of your lungs. Who's with me! Listen up people, I'm going to drop the browns off at the Sup#$bowl, HELLLLLO DOLLLLLY!