I’m a right-brain person. I’ve never enjoyed numbers and the physical sciences. I like writing, reading, music, etc. I often chuckle at the mistakes left or right-brained people make when forced to perform a task that’s not their forte. I found a great example over the weekend. Check it out below:

While reading “The Accidental Zucchini” to my kids, I stumbled on one of these stumbles.

It’s a delightful alphabet book where the author has chosen two random words that begin with the same letter and illustrated it. You’ve got to see the “tuba truck” illustration – it’s a riot – but that’s for another day.Accidental Zucchini 2

On the page “Octupus Overalls” I noticed that only one of the pair of overalls actually had eight legs. Most had six or seven. But that’s OK because the additional legs are perhaps in the back, and out of view. This is a two-dimensional art form, after all. But then I noticed the pair of overalls dead center. There are CLEARLY nine legs in that pair of overalls.

Accidental Zucchini Octopus Overalls

Max Grover has done a wonderful job with this children’s book and he’s an artist, not a mathematician. I think it’s clearly a case of the right-brain syndrome.