Oh yeah....life is good and every day I go home smelling like a corn dog...or an elephant ear...or bacon...or whatever it is I love the smells! The Sights! The People! It is our once a year opportunity to ssy HOWDY! to 120,000 people and sharing our love of country music with you! So here are a few pic I took. If you have any memories, thoughts, or if something special happened to you at the fair we would love to see your posts!

 You guys were great! You made KORD feel so welcome! Hope you loved the Kenny Rogers Show!

These Little Girls stopped by the KORD booth. The cutest ever!
Eatin time! Hmmmm what am I gonna have?
Speakin' of eatin' THANK YOU Piggly Wiggly for feeding the KORD Crew all week! You guys ROCK!