Winter is coming so I needed to buy a shelter to put up for my horses. So, I called around and found a great deal at PGG in Hermiston. I called around to lots of places, and tried my best to calculate gas, mileage for pick up verses delivery, etc. I decided on a Noble shelter that I will need to assemble myself.

I went to pick it up on Sunday and when I walked in the gal at the front counter said "Hi Faith Martin!" I said. "How did you know it was ME?" She said, "I'm your Facebook friend!"

She pulled out the paper work that I had arranged by phone and sent the guys out to load my flatbed. They strapped it all down for me and I got it home and unloaded.

It appears to be very good quality. I got a 3-sided 12x12 Loafing shed with a 6x6x8 side feeding area, complete with a feeder window inside to the shelter.

I also got the anchor kit and the roofing kit sheet metal. They even gave me a special discount! I borrowed someone's flatbed trailer as they said it wouldn't fit in my 3 horse gooseneck horse trailer.

The whole thing cost me $2369.00. I still have to get the ply wood. But everything else came with it.

I'm so proud of my purchase! Now I just gotta put the darn thing together!