It took four years and 143 races to get the checkered again, and for a driver of Dale Earnhardt Jr's abilities that's an eternity. Junior won in grand fashion, beating second place finisher, Tony Stewart by 5 seconds, and in true Dale style, the first people he thanked were his fans for sticking with him. Earnhardt's last victory came at this same track, Michigan International Speedway, on June 15th, 2008, and this win fell on fathers day. Though Dale Sr. was killed in Daytona in 2001, Junior said it was still special to win on fathers day for his dad. With his luck on the race track over the last couple of years, Junior said in the last 15 laps he was sure he would come around a corner and hit a piece of metal or something, he kept waiting for something to happen, and this time it did, the checkered flag.