The problem isn't the snow and ice outside, it's the bonehead drivers inside their cars. If you are not comfortable drivingin snow or ice, don't. Remember, everything you're not suppose to do on dry roads, quadruples with snow and ice. [click here] Don't speed or tailgate, turn on your lights, and for gods sake use your blinkers. If you do drive around like a moron and slide off the road or cause an accident, you will receive a ticket mr. I can drive better than everyone else. Here is something we will see all over the Tr-Cities if it snows, people driving around with  just enough snow wiped off of the windshield so they see out, just wellenough to see what they are about to run into. Jack wagon, clear the snow off of all the windows, and the rear viewmirrors. If your not a moth, why drive like you're in a cacoon. If it does snow allot,thank you Lord, I will have to be on the road very early to let people know about school delays, work delays and where the accidents are that are causing the major back ups. Do me a favor, be the person calling in the problems, don't be the problem. Drive carefully, we value each and every one of our KORD listeners. Tune in every week day at 5am, that's when the fun begins. Click above for some helpful winter driving tips.