Good fake blood is $100 a quart. We've all seen bad fake blood, and that just won't do for Terror Behind the Screen -- our haunted house opening soon in the old K-Mart on west Court Street. So I decided to make my own. I think I can do it for $40. Here's how:

I plan to use thick polyurethane -- the stuff you paint on wood to protect it and make it shiny. I went to home depot to buy the kit (resin + hardener). It was $25. Now I need to find the right tinting. It can't be too clear, but it also can't be opaque.

Resin needs oil-based tinting. Latex paint or food coloring won't work because those are water based. So I need some kind of oil paint -- but again, it needs to be a little translucent.

I plan to try stained-glass window paint -- stuff designed to be a little translucent for painting on glass. I'm headed to the craft store this afternoon to find some.