National Weather Service out of Pendleton Oregon has issued a Winter Storm Watch for the entire eastside of Washington and most of Northeast Oregon. Some areas could see 1-2 inches of snow and freezing rain starting tonight and hopefully ending by 7pm on Wednesday. But we could see another 3-5 inches of snow! Are you prepared?

If you want the latest weather information here is your WEATHER link

If you are traveling over the Washington State Mountain Passes Here is the link

If you need to know what schools are closing or on a delay CLICK HERE!

So do you have some supplies? Here is what you should have in your car if you are going to travel during the storm

Flashlight, batteries, bottled water, snack bars, road flares, small shovel, chains, blankets, gloves, hats, first aid kit, cell phone and charger or backup battery.

If you are home and are stuck with no power this is what you should have: Flashlights with fresh batteries, bottled water, non-perishible food (at least a 72 hr supply), cellphone with backup battery, battery operated radio with fresh batteries.

Please remember do not use any space heaters or BBQs that run on propane as you will build up carbon monoxide in your home.

Hopefully! Everyone will be safe and warm. Take it easy driving, don't be in a hurry! And if you are reading this that means your power and internet are working just fine so just enjoy the video of icy car crashes. Our guilty pleasure at the price of somebody else's pain. I know it's wrong but enjoy it anyway.