We love our college football! And college football teams are enjoying the love that they are getting from big companies like Nike & Under Armor.

The problem is that the designs are just getting a little too funky.  Colleges around the US are only too happy to take what big business can give them, but should they giveaway creative rights as well? Scan through the pictures above and judge for yourself.

The Oregon Ducks look like they are ready to take flight...I don't think these uniforms are going to gain them any extra yardage.

Now the Arizona Sun Devils also got a makeover, and what kind of retro throwback hell were they thinkin' about?

The Maryland Tarrapins however had to be the butt of somebodies bad joke! There are actually 32 combinations of their uniforms which are very garish. Yikes!

And all though Penn State University has chosen to keep their classic look, wait 'til you see some of Nike's new Pro Combat line uniforms which will be debuting throughout the season.

The motives behind it all are no surprise. It's all about jersey sales, merchandising, and attracting younger high school fans to their colleges.

Needless to say some of the older fans aren't liking the changes and even though some of these are alumni that write checks. They are calling the changes more costumes than uniforms but it looks like that it is the wave of the future.