A new survey by CareerBuilder.com reveals that first-born kids are the most likely to earn six figures and hold a top executive position. Other findings according to research.

Middle kids are the most likely to hold an entry-level spot and earn less than $35,000 a year, while siblings born last are the most likely to work in middle management.

Researchers found those, who are born first, usually go into government, information technology, engineering and science.

Middle children often go into law enforcement, firefighting, construction, education, and personal care. Those born last frequently go into art/design/architecture, editing/writing, information technology and sales. "Only" children tend to go into information technology, engineering, nursing and law enforcement.

When it comes to annual earnings for men, firstborns earn about 1.2% more than second children, and about 2.8% more than third children. For women, firstborns earn about 4.2% more than secondborns, and about 6.6% more than thirdborns.

First-born siblings are less likely to move far away from their parents because they have adapted into their family’s culture.

Does this sound right to you? Where in the birth order to you fall with your siblings? Now, don't forget..If there is 10 or more years between you and a sibling that makes the second born a first born!