People are passionate about their stuffing! Personally, I will eat anything! But, when my kids were young, their Grandma Ramona, used to make a very simple Stovetop recipe and she just added Water chestnuts to it. My kids loved it! Of course she is the kind of woman that EVERYTHING she makes tastes incredibly good! Yes...she made me fat back then, she is an excellent cook!

When I tried to do anything fancier with apples or cornbread or anything when they were young they didn't want it. They preferred the simple " Stovetop " boxed stuffing with added Water Chestnuts that their Grandma made. Now days,  they'll eat whatever I put in front of them, but there was something in the way Grandma made it that always tasted the best!

What are your favorite stuffing recipes? Do you think about changing it up year after year or do you stay with the same?

Happy cooking!