With all the gloomy weather lately...I've been hearing LOTS of people are feeling tired, overwhelmed and a little depressed. Not to mention feeling asthmatic or cold symptoms due to poor air quality. I myself have struggled a bit lately with this cold weather!

So, Indulge me for a minute and try this!

You may have to do this in the privacy of your own home instead of work..(lol...I could do it at my work, and no one would blink an eye) But, in your case you'd better do it in a private area.

Okay. Get comfortable, kick off your shoes, your clothes or whatever makes you comfortable. Close the curtains to your room if you decide to do this without clothes. ;)

Okay next, click on each video I post consecutively and watch each video while you dance your weirdest, most UN-inhibited moves to these next 3 songs! The stranger the moves the better! Really get out of your comfort zone!!. All those moves you haven't dared bring to a public dance floor! Now's your chance! Get low, get gritty, get your body movin!

Do this to each of these songs and see if a smile can't help but appear on your face!

My guess is you just might bust a gut laughing! And hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, no one else can either! So see if you can laugh at yourself and get happy! Then next time someone else is feeling low, you can bust a move and crack them up too!

Try it! Then let me know how it goes!