I've been all over Mexico and LOVE IT! I'm actually going there next week! It's not too late for you to book a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Maya Riviera for the Tropical Nights: Boots in the Sand country music festival in late February. The resort is outside of Cancun! While you're there, here are my favorite things to do in Mexico!



  • 10

    Wear no make up.

  • 8

    Put on my bathing suit, wear it around town and go where ever I want around town. No one recognizes me.

  • 1

    Buy sterling-silver jewelry.

  • 6

    Play in the water

  • 2

    Salsa bars EVERYWHERE

  • 3

    Get my hair braided

  • 4

    Ordering beers on the beach and having them delivered in a bucket of ice.

  • 5

    Snorkel or scuba dive

  • 7

    Travel inland away from touristy areas and meet real people, eat dinner with folks you met on the streets.

  • 9

    Shopping from the street vendors. They always treat me so good.