Driving while talking on your cellphone should have the same punishment as a DUI, if you fail the field variaty test, it's off too Prison, Jail, The Cooler, The Poky, The Big house, Sing Sing, The Rock, The Pit, The Hole, The Slammer, The Concrete Cubical.

In the Letters to the  Editor section of today's Tri-City Hearld, a concerned women named Betty, talked about a 12 mile drive she recently took, and during this time she counted seven people talking on their cellphones while driving. She mentioned one driver who was on the highway going at least ten miles an hour under the speed limit, all the while talking on his cellphone. Like drunk drivers, soaps,( stupida** on a phone) have no clue they are doing anything wrong, and oblivious to what's going on around them, and the whole time they think,  they are driving perfectly. If a police officer pulls you over for a phone violation, they should make you walk a strait line, while testing. You should have to play a game of  'Simon Says', while talking to your gabby friend who can't wait to tell you about his trip he took to the Tillamock Cheese Factory, one slip up, see ya, wouldn't want to be ya. If you get honked at  constantly when you drive, you might be a 'SOAP'. If you arrive at your destination and can't remember most of the drive, you might be a 'SOAP', or drunk.  If you don't use your blinker because one hand is on the wheel, and the other is holding your phone, you are a 'SOAP'. I agree with Betty, hang up and drive, because 99% of you can't do both at the same time.