Here in the Tri-Cities we have a lot of trails to walk on and parks to play in, and some folks choose to take their pets. I don't have a problem with that,until the owners don't clean up after their dog, these people should be slapped up side the head with a cane pole. Nothing ruins a day with the family in the park like rude, stupid morons who think their dogs poop is O.K.  How do you get idiots to pick up after their pet? An internet provider in Mexico has installed special waste boxes in ten Mexico City parks, which owners can put the dog doo into, in exchange for wi-fi minutes for their laptops. Very nice, you put the poop in the waste basket, it is weighed, and that determines how many minutes of free internet you get. A person with a great dane surfs for free all day, smaller pooches, not so much. Thank you Mexico City, you have combined two of my big pet peeves. Dog owners with no respect for others, and people who ruin a perfect day by sitting around outside surfing the web on a laptop or a phone. I say rub the doo on the people using the internet in a city park, or on a walking trail. What do you think, would this service work in the Tri-cities? What do you think of people who don't clean up after their dogs?


Story from  Premiere radio