A Kent, Washington, 911 operator got a call from a bride last Sunday reporting a theft... of her wedding dress!

She had her car doors open loading stuff for the wedding and reception from her home. On one of the trips out to the car she realized everything -- EVERYTHING -- was gone, taken, stolen, including the wedding dress.

The 911 operator sent an officer over to get a report -- the top priority was finding the thief -- and afterwards he mentioned the operator had offered her own wedding dress!

The operator had a dress from the exact same store purchased 18 months prior! The women were miraculously the same size! But loaning the dress wasn't as easy as it sounded.

  • The dress was at her mother's house.
  • Her husband was camping
  • He didn't have a key to the parent's house anyway

But again another miracle happened: the husband had stayed home! So he drove to her brother's house to pick up the key and then over to the parent's house. But with the wrong key! So the brother drove over to unlock the door, and then the husband met up with the groom!

Whew! Sounds like the plot to a movie!