5 Fun Ways to View the Solar Eclipse!
Just in case you can't join KORD at the Port of Pasco Monday morning for our eclipse viewing party (free eclipse glasses) here are some great ideas on how to watch it SAFELY!
Watch a Shark Chomp a Diver’s GoPro Camera [VIDEO]
More power to those who feel the need to be so up-close-and personal among such beasts of the deep.
The diver who posted this video of a shark taking the Go Pro Camera mounted on top of a pole into his mouth, play tug-of-war for four-seconds and then let go, is enough to pretty much keep me from swim…
See My New Star Wars Death Star Ice Cube Mold [VIDEO REVIEW]
My wife bought this "Death Star Ice Cube" mold for me as a surprise, and I love it! You can buy them online on Ebay or Amazon for around $5 each. If you know someone that loves Star Wars, this might be the perfect gift for them.
May the force be with you...
Marshawn Lynch Steals Brady SB Jersey in New Macklemore Video
I miss Marshawn with the Seahawks, but I do not blame him one bit for leaving. I am stoked that he keeps turning up and making us smile, like in the new Macklemore video "Marmalade". He pays Macklemore's kid and his pals to steal the missing Tom Brady jersey from their locker …
Wrong Way Driver Plays Chicken With Pasco Police [VIDEO]
Sometimes, when Pasco police are on patrol, a wrong way driver will approach to play a game of "chicken".
This is taken from an officer coming face-to-face with a wrong way driver in his lane as he turned onto Sylvester from 5th at about 1:30 in the morning...

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