Summer Fun

Tri Cities Spectacular Hydro-Plane Boat Crashes [VIDEO]
Boat Races are coming back July 28th - July 30th courtesy of The Water Follies and it will be a spectacular weekend of awesome races but one of the reasons spectators love the races are the crashes.
We've compiled some sweet (or not so sweet) hydroplane crashes from The Columbia Cup over the yea…
Washington Ranks High On Summer Road Trips
Gas prices are dropping and it looks like this summer will be the perfect time for a road trip or vacation so before you think about other states to visit, why not think about your own back yard in the state of Washington?
Puget Sound Crab Season Starts Friday at Some Locations!
For those of us that love seafood, what's better than fresh caught crab? Uh...NOTHING! Here's what you need to know whether you're an experience crabber or just want to try it...
Gonna Catch Me Some Crab Dinners!
Check out Puget Sound Crabbing 101 below...
10 Commandments of Enjoying Our River Trails
Awww, a stroll along the river. And we're so lucky to have so many miles of river trails! But sometimes that 'someone' has to take some of the enjoyment out of it, or you might come home with bugs in your hair or poop on your shoe! With that, I present to you:
Swim Nude Like a Mermaid in The Northwest? ….. Do it!!
Have you ever wanted to strip your bathing suit off and flop around in the water like the chick in JAWS!!...except no'll be doing it front of many...and not in the ocean!!
The Naked Goddess Swim, where women shed their suits and inhibitions to swim as Goddesses in the full moonligh…

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