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Coolest Aerial World Pictures EVER
"With the birds I'll share this lonely view"
---  "Scar Tissue" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
After looking at this gallery I believe I'm in need of re-defining my Bucket List.
My favorites are Amsterdam, Barcelona, Vietnam, the Waterfalls and the sheer sta…
15 Reasons You Should Never EVER Move To Washington
Bordering on isolationist, the longer Washingtonians live here the more it is understood that a certain level of unbridled enthusiasm for first time visitors MUST be tempered with realization that y'all ain't moving here. And here's 15 reasons why
I'm partial to 1; 3; 5; 10; 11; 1…
7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Moore Mansion
Most anyone and everyone that has lived here for any length of time, has probably attended a function there for one reason or another. But, did you ever hear the history behind the mansion? It's really quite interesting!

Moore Mansion was built for a Seattle tycoon’s wife
Places Along the Yakima and Columbia Rivers That No Longer Exist!
Check out this old map from 1917! There are several places along the Yakima and Columbia River that don’t even exist anymore!
1) Near where Van Geisen crosses the Yakima River there used to be a lake called CLEAR LAKE… now it’s just (dry) green space called John…

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